SmartForms are the 21st Century answer to information submissions.

SmartForms is a term used to describe an electronic form with capabilities beyond a traditional paper form, such as electronic completion, dynamic sections, database calls and electronic submission. Forms on your computer screen that allow you to enter and process information in a simple and logical format. We offer numerous downloadable software packages for completing standard forms along with online business apps and can develop online systems to your specifications. Packages can be develops in Windows, Apple, and mobile formats.

Software products for the medical industry. Retail products such as the three versions CMS-1500, UB-04, CMS-485 and other medical related software products that are sold directly to the users or through our affiliate network. Please call if you are interested in becoming an affiliate reseller.

Custom Development.
We are capable of developing custom online, mobile, and stand-alone applications in a variety of programming environments.

Database Consultation
Let us determine and construct the best interface to allow your users data access in a more productive manner using search techniques that will produce powerful reports.

E-Commerce Integration
Develop custom or modifying existing platforms to modernize and improve the way your institution accepts payments.

Security Evaluation
Our experts can advise on or implement compliance solutions for the strictest levels of regulation.

Electronic forms


SmartForms CMS-1500 Online System is the easiest way to complete CMS-1500 Claims ever!

Easy to use and implement

What-you-see-is-what-you-get format makes the task of completing claims simple and quick. Computer novices love this software because it is so easy to use. For repeat patients, editing the previous claims simplifies the process to just changing a few fields. You will be saving time and cut your hours of billing down to minutes when using the SmartForms CMS-1500 Online System.

Compatitble with any browser

The SmartForms CMS 1500 Online System needs an internet connection to operate. If you are using a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, you have access to your medical billing system. Online or on-the-go, SmartForms CMS-1500 will work on Android, Apple and Window platforms.


SmartForms CMS 1500 Online System is hosted on a secure site that is HIPPA compliant. You never have to worry about a computer crash, computer upgrades or loss of data.

Prints form

Claims can be printed on plain paper or on red preprinted Medicare forms. A simple custom alignment function ensures that your claim data fits into each box. Your claims will never be rejected due to alignment.

Submits to all popular clearing houses

Claims generated can be batched for electronic submission to any clearing house. Your claims can be submitted with a few clicks and we recommend TriZetto Provider Solutions. The claims are available to the clearing house in Print, 837P or 5010 formats. Using a clearing house to process your claims will expedite your payments.

Live support

We provide free unlimited live support for all products. SmartForms software and systems are easy to use and our competent staff will help resolve any issue. If custom modifications are required, SmartForms can be customized to help make your processing easier or integrate with other systems.



SmartForms CMS 1500 Online System

There are no sign-up fees or upfront costs to use the SmartForms CMS 1500 online system.

  • This is a subscription service that costs.
  • $ 15

    Per month, billed quarterly
  • Free 30-day trial – get started now
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